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Ending or Beginning

Has anything ended in my life? The endless thoughts of “did someone get the letters I sent them?” How? Well, they finally told me. They told me how they got each one and took the time to read them all. It was months since the first one was delivered, and no response.

stack of letters tied with twine, a couple postcards, and a handwritten letter

It’s crazy how in a world of instant messaging I wanted to write someone a letter. I wrote them many letters, hoping that they would feel the heartfelt messages and deep emotions attached to each one. I mean, hey! I took the darn time to write them, you’d hope that the receiver would appreciate and recognize the effort in each one.

Do I wish this person wrote back? Sure, I do! But that didn’t happen, resulting in the constant question, “did they get it? Did it get lost? did someone else take it?”

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