Ending or Beginning

Has anything ended in my life? The endless thoughts of “did someone get the letters I sent them?” How? Well, they finally told me. They told me how they got each one and took the time to read them all. It was months since the first one was delivered, and no response.

stack of letters tied with twine, a couple postcards, and a handwritten letter

It’s crazy how in a world of instant messaging I wanted to write someone a letter. I wrote them many letters, hoping that they would feel the heartfelt messages and deep emotions attached to each one. I mean, hey! I took the darn time to write them, you’d hope that the receiver would appreciate and recognize the effort in each one.

Do I wish this person wrote back? Sure, I do! But that didn’t happen, resulting in the constant question, “did they get it? Did it get lost? did someone else take it?”

It wasn’t until that fateful day the person reached out. I was surprised it was electronically… well, maybe less surprised it was that way instead of a written letter, but still. The shock was there, and it still holds a little bit to this day.

It’s amazing what people will do or won’t do if they decide, “I want this person in my life.” or “I’m not sure I want them in my life.” or the ultimate decision, ” nah, no thanks. You can stay out of my life. I’m good now.” Who wants to hear that last one? I don’t think many people are going to hope for that last answer, unless you are trying to get rid of someone negative if your life, then you’d probably be thinking, “Thanks goodness! I’m outta here! Bye-bye!*cue exit*

It’s crazy how in this world of instant messaging and how social media can “connect us all,” there are still so many in this world that actually feel more left out. You see these “perfect” bodies and vacations, and many of those things are “just good lighting” or “the right angle.” False advertising is what it is! You want people to have confidence in who they are, but you only show off what the “industry” deems as “standard.”

No. Nope! I won’t believe in the hype, and it saddens me that people who are influenced by this “image” are getting younger and younger. People are not allowing themselves to wear what they want simply because they like it and it’s comfortable. Nope! They are trying to “fit in” with a fashion sense of a person who is at least 5 years their senior. They are trying to grow up so fast.

A young boy running through a field, with trees surrounding

I wish children these days could go back to the days where they played outside until the sun went down, and that was the signal to go home, to go back inside. That’s right! I said OUTSIDE!!! Video games all day? No. Go grab a ball, a jump rope, or a bike and play outside. Get fresh air! You will be spending so much of your adult life in front of computers. You will be spending a major of any career you choose in front of a screen. Even schooling now is mostly electronics. Children these days won’t know or understand the struggle of trying to find the encyclopedia to research a paper. They won’t know the struggle of one book being passed around your classmates because there’s only one paper copy and it’s the best information to use for the paper, which everyone was assigned the same subject.

We say that instant messaging can bring us together, but at the same time, it’s slowly tearing us apart; away from the slow pace of truly getting to know someone, or to learn about something by waiting for a book to be available to check out at the library.

I miss the beauty of writing letters to someone, and the pure excitement and awe that someone wrote you back.

Is there anyone who you think of whom you would want to write a letter to? Or is there someone who you would absolutely love to get a letter from? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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