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Beauty in the Simple Things

I wish to ask people, what are the things that you consider “beautiful”?

A sunset or sunrise will always be a beautiful sight to me, but also the sight of falling snow. Yesterday, Burlington saw its first sign of winter as snow flakes fell softly, but swiftly through the air to the ground. It covered my jacket that isn’t waterproof, but I still enjoyed the experience of feeling chilly in a state that is known for its low temperatures during the winter season.

I have been lucky enough to say, “I still chat with my roommate from freshman year of college,” and I was lucky enough to have a small chat with her about what we consider beautiful. The first thing she asked was, “Well, in what context?” She’s such an intelligent student. I repeated the question, and her wonderful answer was: “Seeing something broken being put back together.” I immediately thought of two things. One: a vase filled with liquid being exploded.. Two: someone finding love after being heartbroken for a long time

It’s interesting when you take out the search for specifics and just ask yourself a general question that could be taken anywhere and everywhere. Each person has their own unique views, and that itself is beautiful. She then asked the question back at me, and I listed several things that I considered beautiful: a giggling baby that starts dancing gleefully but all it looks like is them stopping around and moving their arms back and forth, a picture that captures the majestic beauty and power of water, a picture of a past moment that has the ability to still give you the feeling you felt while living that memory, watching horses play and run in grassy fields, and seeing heartfelt reunions in an airport.

Something that I find absolutely & amazingly beautiful is the act of relationships; whether it be between friends, family members, significant others, and even strangers.

My aunt lived in Paris for two years in her youth, and made some wonderful connections with people who she didn’t know before. I was able to use her connections so that a dear friend and I could spend almost a week to celebrate my 21st birthday in Paris and to also fulfill my friend’s lifelong dream of visiting Paris. The woman was basically a stranger to me, but with open arms she welcomed us into her heart and home. I know that I am fortunate to have a supportive family who understands the importance of each member and recognizes their unique characteristics. I have connected deeper with some more than others, but that’s what makes those relationships between family members more beautiful.

I can’t forget the friends who have stuck with me through the good and the bad. I also appreciate the friendships that didn’t work out because I have learned valuable lessons from each turn of events. Last, but not least, I want to thank my special someone who has made me feel lucky, special, and beautiful all at the same time. Love is a beautiful thing that people should never take advantage of, and not take for granted. It’s a precious gift.

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Welcome! Welcome!


My name is Alexandra, but I also go by the names of Alex or Panda. If you would like to know the story behind that nickname, don’t be afraid to ask in the comment section.

I am simple and complex at the same time. There are certain things that I know I want in my life, and then there are parts & times where I am utterly confused as to what I should do next or where should I go to improve my life. Movies are an all time favorite past-time of mine, and I truly enjoy the company of others, but in smaller numbers. Cute things scream out to me and will forever keep hold of a piece of my heart.

I have way too many objects that belong to me, but yet most of them I cannot part with because they encase a special memory or nostalgic feeling. Cooking could be a passion of mine, but I don’t do it often enough to make such claim. I thoroughly enjoy the sound of pouring rain and the smell it brings during and after the fall of that water. Speaking of water, I can only enjoy it plain if it’s cold, and I don’t like to swim in it unless I can see the bottom or my feet.

As soon as I was able to connect to the internet, I don’t think I’ve gone more than a month with some form of interaction on it. That being said I may not always be up-to-date on what’s happening in the world, let alone the town I’m living in. I have called the same household my home for the amount of time I’ve lived so far, but at the same time I have traveled and “lived” in multiple places that slowly earned the title of “home.” Many times I found myself saying the phrase “home home” to describe the place I grew up & where my parents still reside.

Since I’ve returned from my study abroad experience in Ireland, I have noticed that a part of me was left there, and I sort of think it was kept there on purpose so to encourage myself to return there again.

Now it is your turn to reflect:

Have you been somewhere where you left a part of yourself? Do you want to go back there? Why or why not?

What are some things about yourself that are odd? Do you love those things? How do you bring out the good in your day-to-day lives?