Getting back on my feet


Such a beautiful arrangement
Such a beautiful arrangement
"It's SOOO pretty!!" -Mom
“It’s SOOO pretty!!” -Mom

I am happy to be baring good news to all. I have served my time (6 weeks) with the mono virus, and I am on the road to a more healthy future. My very sweet mother was so worried about me, and she sent me such a beautiful gift.

It wasn’t the first time that my mom sent me flowers, but instead of a random “pick-me-up” or “you’re doing great! Keep working hard in school!” it was a Get Well Soon arrangement. It even came with a gorgeous balloon that both my mom and aunt admired the moment they laid their eyes on it. They put a smile on my face when they were chit chatting about how they have never seen a prettier balloon.

These wonderful gifts were given to me during the middle of my long fight for my health. To this day, those magnificent daisies (my favorite flower) have kept my faith alive by staying alive themselves. With love and care, we were both able to make it to the end and move past it to happier days. It’s the small things in life that can make the biggest difference. I will be forever grateful for everyone who showed their concern for me and offered a helping hand when they could so that I wouldn’t fall behind in work. Here are a couple pictures to show you how the daisies and I are living towards a healthy and happy state of being.

Still going strong
Still going strong
Glad to be healthy again
Glad to be healthy again

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