Down to the final Hour

“This week is the final week of classes for my college career. Next week finals will commence, and then the following will be a week of celebratory activities for seniors before we all put on our caps and gowns, and walk along the stage to receive our diplomas from President Don Laackman. May 9th. That is the final day I can call myself a student of Champlain College. After that, I will be officially an alumni and a college graduate. Exciting, right? One would hope so, but all the homework and projects, and final portfolios that need to be finished have to end their days first before my ‘college days’ are over. It has been a roller coaster. There were days when I thought I was flying, and then there were days where I didn’t want to crawl out of bed. I’ve been fortunate to learn what a true friend is, how to be one and to know who is one. I’ve learned how to let people go, whether it was easy or hard, yet I don’t regret the experiences I went through because each encounter taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.”

The paragraph above was written when I had a small, tiny moment to breathe. Breathing is overrated. I’m drowning in anxiety over the thoughts of final grades, and tomorrow is the first of May….

Sorry I’ve been nonexistent this month. It’s been SUPER hectic. *fingers crossed* for brighter future days.


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